by Byron D. Bovey

Woodlawn Cemetery is located on land that was at the time of the deed transfer owned by Craig Mountain Lumber Company.  On December 14, 1910, the Craig Mountain Lumber Company gave a Quit Claim Deed to the Trustees of Woodlawn Cemetery of Winchester.

The legal description is:  Commencing at the Southwest corner of the Northwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 13, Township 34, North-3, west Boise Meridian leaving 25 feet for wagon road, then 10 rods east, then 16 rods north, then 10 rods west, then 16 rods south to the place of beginning, containing One acre more or less.  The deed was signed by C. P. Lindsley, Vice President, and T. Censky,  secretery of Craig Mountain Lumber Company.

Like so many other cemeteries, burials had already taken place here before the deed was recorded for it.  There were a few burials after the deed was signed, but it seems the cemetery never really caught on for unknown reasons and had grown up into a tangled mess of pine trees and weeds.  In the last several years, a great deal of clean up work has been done on the Woodlawn Cemetery by a group of interested volunteers headed by Patti Dill.

The information on the people in this cemetery was given to Mrs. Iver Longeteig and Shelley (Thomason) Kuther in 1969 by Myrtle Peer, her sister, and Nada Loch's mother.  The Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society has added to the list by seeking death certificates on names that show up in the area.  

For more information, please contact the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, Box 61, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 or Shelley Kuther, skuther@camasnet.com  208-790-7890 or Byron Bovey, bdbovey@wildblue.net  208-924-7336.



Adams, David
Adams, Mary
Bair, BabyGirl
Billups, Baby Girl
Bladyen, Terrence, D.
Carpenter, ??
Carsner, Baby Girl
Cooper, Baby Girl
Cordwell, Bret
Crane, Alfred Everett
Ellis, Samatha
Eubanks, Baby Girl
Gaiser, Baby Girl
Gartin, Baby Girl
Grundy, Mr.
Hall, Irlene
Hilgers, Baby
Holtz, BabyBoy
Houghton, Louis
King, Caldona
King, Evelyn May
King, Opal
King, Susan F.
King, Wayne
Loch, Nada R.
Marquis, Goldie R.
Nichols, Baby Girl
Raddatz, Ella
Russell, Sergt. A. W.
White, Rudolph
Williamson, Dedrick
Williamson, John D.
Williamson, Lizzie
Wynne, Baby Girl
Wynne, Baby Girl



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