For more information, please contact the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, Box 61, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 or Shelley Kuther, skuther@camasnet.com  208-790-7890 or Byron Bovey, bdbovey@wildblue.net  208-924-7336.

Adams, Babies
Anderson, Boy
Boyer, Joan
Coldwell, Boy
Daniels, Boy
Davis, Girl
Davis, Girl
Doane, Elizabeth
Dugger, Boy
Edminton, Leo
Ellenwood, Boy
Flory, Gary R.
Frieke, Unknown
Goffinet, Boy
Green, Baby
Gulich, Infant
Haight, Boy
Hardin, Boy
Hauptman, Boy
Huggins, Boy
Huntley, Boy
Huntley, Girl
Lowery, Boy
Lowery, Boy
Lowery, Girl
Lundgreen, Girl
Lydon, Twin Girls
McConron, Boy
Miller, Boy
Nellsen, John
Nelson, Baby
O'Shaughnessy, Mary Ellen
Paul, Boy
Putman, Boy
Putman, Girl
Randall, Lucious
Richardson, Baby Girl
Richardson, Harry
Rudolph, Girl
Shadduck, Girl
Simms, Girl
Stearns, Kathrine
Stellmon, Girl
Truckostiz, Girl
Unknown, Baby
Whitson, Boy
Wilson, Melinda S.



If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is Lewis County Coordinator 

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