By Byron Bovey

Forest Cemetery is located in the E 1/2 of NW of NE of Sec 14, 32N 3 WBM.   It is southeast of the old town of Forest.  This cemetery has never been deeded out of the land records, and the present owner still pays taxes on it.

The information on this cemetery was taken from an old plat drawn by Julius Truckositz in 1955 and from information and research done by Katie and Gilbert Wayne in 1965.

There was said at one time to be a wagon road from the town of Forest to the cemetery, but it has long disappeared.  It is quite hard to locate, and a four-wheel drive pickup is a must to get to it.

In October of 1977 the Lewis County Historical Society voted to build a fence around Forest Cemetery.  That was eventually completed, and the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society in Craigmont has made an effort to try to get to the cemetery every year to do what fixing that needs done.

Like all of the cemeteries in Lewis County, it has several unknowns.  Julius Truckositz believed one of the unknowns was Sol Colwell's baby.

In 1998 through the efforts of Patty Dill, many of the Hosley burials in the Forest Cemetery were marked for the first time.

For more information, please contact the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, Box 61, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 or Shelley Kuther,  208-790-7890 or Byron Bovey,  208-924-7336.


Boal, Pearl Lee Etta
Booker, Cynthia
Clovis, Earl Spencer
Colwell, Baby
Forge, Clarence A.
Hosley, Baby
Hosley, Baby
Hosley, Baby
Hosley, Bettie Jo
Hosley, David Andrew
Hosley, Harvey Howard
Hosley, Harvey McBride
Hosley, John Henry
Hosley, Leland Herbert
Hosley, Mae Etta
Hosley, Robert
Hosley, Robert Grey
Hosley, Wilbur Stanley
Jackson, Baby
Lee, H. A. (Halverson Amundsen
McIntyre, O. P.
Newton, Bertha
Newton, D.
Pinkham, Mamie
Truckositz, Anna
Wilkes, Baby
Wilkes, Baby



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