By Byron Bovey

Fletcher cemetery came into existence because of the growth of the town named Fletcher, which was surveyed by the government in May of 1896 and had settlers moving there by 1899.  The town did not survive very long because the railroad did not go close by, but it lasted long enough to require a cemetery and thus a monument to keep the name of Fletcher in history.

There was no record found that shows that Fletcher Cemetery was ever deeded to a cemetery district.  The only mention found about the cemetery in the Lewis County records is when Stacy and Lizzie Wagner sold the land where the cemetery is located to D. W. Shoun.  The legal description reads as follows:  The Northwest Quarter of Section thirteen (13) in township thirty‑four (34) North of Range One (1) West of Boise Meridian, excepting and reserving therefrom one acre of land in the Northeast corner of said Northwest quarter of said section thirteen, same being used for cemetery purposes.

Some of the information on the graves with no stones was obtained by Mrs. Iver Longeteig around 1970 from Mrs. Leatha Johnston and Mr. Charles Bartlett and from newspaper stories.  Recently, Mrs. Eileen Pentzer provided additional information on the Presnell Family.

It is thought that there was a plat for this cemetery at one time, and that it burned up in a house fire.  There appears to be room for about 12 rows of burials in the acre with room through the middle for a road.  

For more information, please contact the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, Box 61, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 or Shelley Kuther, skuther@camasnet.com  208-790-7890 or Byron Bovey, bdbovey@wildblue.net  208-924-7336.

Anderson, John F.
Anderson, Lloyd Vergil
Anderson, Rachel
Anderson, Uriah
Barnes, Almon
Barnes, Sarah A.
Bartlett, Bruce M.
Bartlett, Charles M.
Bartlett, Laura E.
Bartlett, Otis
Bohart, Iva Adna
Bohart, John
Bovey, Leone
Bridges, Olive C
Burk, James
Chapman, Edna
Chapman, Oral Preston
Chapman, Thomas G.
Denny, Albert
Dillen, John
Dollarhide, Louis
Dybvig, Gustave E
Dybvig, Loyal
Dybvig, Mabel
Dybvig, May F. Bartlett
Dybvig, Otto C
Ebbert, John T.
Furnish, Benjamen W.
Hanson, Carrie Montana
Helm, Chas. David
Hoss, Jacob Franklin
Johnson, Baby
Kempfer, Gussie
Knapp, Kenneth Keith
Lacey, Boy
Lacey, Girl
Langhoff, Edna P
Maylott, Lucy D
McKinney, Orville
Meek, Dolores
Meek, Joseph L.
Meek, Katherine A.
Meek, Steve
Meek, Virginia
Newhard, Courtney W.
Newhard, Jennie M.
Newhard, Kenneth Charles
Newhard, William H.
Pedigo, Infants
Pedigo, Lavera
Pedigo, Samuel F.
Peery, Isaiah D.
Poulson, John Wesley
Presenll, Shirley Osburn
Presnell, A. E.
Presnell, Hiram Arthur
Presnell, Jacob
Presnell, James
Presnell, Robert Joseph
Presnell, Robert Thomas
Ransier, Iva May
Ratliff, Eunice Medora
Ratliff, Jane M.
Ratliff, Miles C
Riley, Stanley M.
Riley, W.J.
Robbins, Susanah
Rogers, Eliza L
Shinn, Charles E.
Shinn, Grover Anderson
Shinn, Lee
Shinn, Robert L.
Shinn, Tennie Olive
Shoun, Baby
Shoun, Chas M.
Stellmon, Orial
Stevens, John B.
Stevens, Martha Presnell
Swanson, Ola
Thompson, James Leo
Thompson, Mary N. Wagner
Treadwell, Baby {Vera}
Treadwell, Florence A.
Treadwell, Floyd M.
Treadwell, George M
Unknown, Adult
Unknown, Adult
Unknown, Adult
Unknown, Adult
Unknown, Baby
Unknown, Baby
Unknown, Baby
Wagner, Carole J.
Wagner, Phyllis
Wagner, Rachel Nettie
Wagner, Stacy
Wagner, Wiley E.
Way, Infant
Way, Isaac C
Way, Marion
Way, Mary L.
Weber, Boy
Young, R.C.R.




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