By Byron Bovey

The land for Evergreen Cemetery was purchased by the Trustees of School District Number Eighty Four from George and Florence Venters for the sum of twenty-five dollars on April 11, 1907.

The land deed was described as follows:  One acre, more or less, described as follows to wit:  Beginning at a point 16 2/3 rods N. from the S. West corner of the N. West quarter of the N. W. 1/4, Section 8, twp. 34, Range 2 West, thence East 15 2/3 rods; thence N. 3 1/3 rods; thence E. 4 1/3 rods; then N. 4 2/3 rods; thence W. 20 3/4 rods to the public highway.  Said Lot to be used for the purpose of a Cemetery, to be known as the "Evergreen Cemetery", and for the special use of said School District, and a certain portion be set aside for the burial of paupers.  Single graves are not to be sold for more than one dollar, and Lots 16 X 16 for not more than two dollars and fifty cents, and all monies arising from the sale of Lots shall constitute a Cemetery Fund and be expended for the improvement of the Cemetery, and the trustees are directed by and with the consent of the Residents, to permit the erection of a Church building upon said lot.

Mr. L. Frank Pentzer kept the cemetery records for many years and did much work on the cemetery.  In his records Mr. Pentzer recorded pieces of information about many of the people in the cemetery, and some of those are included in the information category on the following pages.  With Mr. Pentzer's passing in 1975, the records for the cemetery were passed on to his son, Paul, and are now maintained by his family.

Like all the other cemeteries in Lewis County, burials were taking place in this cemetery before the deed for the ground was recorded.  According to the stones in the cemetery, Darius C. Warren who died August 1, 1902, was the first burial here.

For those who might be interested in learning more about some of the people buried at Evergreen Cemetery and the community of Golden Ridge, the 1984 HIGHLANDS OF CRAIG MOUNTAIN contains an article "Pioneer Homesteaders of Golden Ridge" by Mrs. Grey Osborne, pages 273 through 275.

For more information, please contact the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society, Box 61, Craigmont, Idaho 83523 or Shelley Kuther, skuther@camasnet.com  208-790-7890 or Byron Bovey, bdbovey@wildblue.net  208-924-7336.



Adams, John Quincy Jr.
Anderson, Ella Mae O'Shaughnessy
Anderson, John
Anderson, John G.
Anderson, Stanley
Bettridge, Sarah
Butz, Gerald
Clark, Harley W.
Clark, Iva E.
Clark, McBride
Crane, Frank
Crane, Jessie A.
Crawford, Corporal J. R.
Elllsworth, Raymond Lyle
Ellsworth, Elysia "Lisa"
Ellsworth, Keneth "Pete"
Ellsworth. Ellen (Adams)
English, Infant Twins
Fisher, Infant
Goucher, Vera B
Greenstreet, Baby
Greenstreet, Mae
Greenstreet, Mervia Elmyra
Greenstreet, Robert
Guthrie, Mrs. Thomas
Harwood, Helen Dora
Harwood, Mary Frances
Heiser, Addie Woods
Herboldt, John
Hunter, Lora M.
Jensen, Cecil
Johnson, Claude Frank
Johnson, Guss T.
Johnson, Matilda
Kite, "Ralph Arnold"
Laws, Arthur T.
Lehman, Alice Diehl
Lehman, Samuel
Martin, James H. Jr.
Miller, Charles J.
Morris, Tommy W.
Osborne, D. M.
Osborne, Wanda
O'Shaughnessy, C. E. "Jack"
O'Shaughnessy, John J.
O'Shaughnessy, William A. (Billy)
Pentzer, Bertha M.
Pentzer, Edward L.
Pentzer, Elaine
Pentzer, Frank Arthur
Pentzer, Jennie S.
Pentzer, Lorenzo D.
Pentzer, Lorenzo F. R.
Pentzer, Marguerite A.
Pentzer, Marjorie Iris
Pentzer, Mary E.
Pentzer, Paul C.
Pentzer, Paul E.
Pentzer, Raymond P.
Pentzer, Stillborn
Raykovich, Mika Bailey Pentzer
Roberts, Thelma M.
Shepard, [Hal I.]
Shubert, John C.
Smith, Frank
Spaeth, Laurie Ann
Stacy, Maurice William
Strong, Laura {Elizabeth}
Tiede, Lois R.
Tiede, Robert L.
Tucker, James Leon
Walker, Albert Lehman
Walker, Etta Vinora
Walker, Gene
Walker, Jesse Elmore
Walker, Judy
Warren, Carroll G.
Warren, Claude D.
Warren, Darius C.
Warren, Kate L.
Wilsey, John H.
Wolford, Belle
Wolford, George Byron
Wolford, Theodore S.
Wolford, William J.
Wright, Laura Miller




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