Craigmont came into being because of the Camas Prairie Railroad.  The village of Ilo sprang up about 1898; Vollmer was laid out around 1907, when the railroad was built.  Separated by the train tracks, the two conducted a bitter rivalry until 1920, when the towns were "married" to form Craigmont, named after Craig Mountain, which honors Idaho's first white homesteader, William Craig.

Craigmont is served by a small airport and Highway 95 as well as the Camas Prairie Railroad with its spectacular Lawyer's Canyon Bridge four miles east of town.  The steel viaduct is 1,488 feet long and 286 feet high.  It is rivaled by the new Highway 95 bridge crossing Lawyer's Canyon.

The town has warehouses and farm-connected businesses as well as a sawmill, all of which furnish work for the town's 600 residents.  

Craigmont hosts an annual June Picnic with a parade, barbecue, and other activities commemorating its creation.  The high school reunions bring back former Craigmont students as well as graduates from Highland School, a consolidation of Winchester, Craigmont and Reubens.





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