Walker, Jasper E.
Walker, Violet J.
Wallace, Clarence
Wallace, Debra Lynn
Wallace, Dollie
Wallace, Richard
Wamsley, Arnold H.
Wamsley, Ellis R.
Wamsley, Iva Mae
Wamsley, Mabel F.
Wamsley, Mamie
Wamsley, Nancy E.
Wamsley, Patricia A.
Wamsley, Samuel C.
Wamsley, Violet
Ward, Anna B.
Ward, Isaac J.
Ward, James
Warfield, Marie Alma
Warriner, Edwin E.
Watson, Clarence S.
Watson, Elma
Watson, Esther M.
Watson, Jay R.
Watson, Mabel B.
Watson, Robert Nels
Way, Gayle Y.
Way, Glyde
Way, Hannah
Way, James B.
Way, Lora Ann
Way, Sherman T.
Wayne, Darrel Eugene
Wayne, Farrel Calvin
Wayne, Gilbert George
Wayne, Goldie May
Wayne, James T.
Wayne, Kathryn Leister
Wayne, Marlene Mae
Wayne, Maurice Victoria "Vikki"
Wayne, Olive B.
Wayne, William
Wayne, William Winford
Wayne, Winford
Webber, Brynolf H.
Webber, Hector S.
Webber, June Osborn
Weber, Arnold
Wedding, Josephine
Wells, Cora F.
Werhan, Alta M.
Werhan, Francis
Werhan, Ruth D.
Werhan, William F.
Westfall, Albert Ross
Westfall, Clara B.
Westfall, Jane M.
Westfall, Jessie L
Westfall, John W.
Westfall, Thomas J.
Westgate, Seraphine E.
Wheat, Charles A.
Wheat, Mary J.
Whitacker, Bert
Wilfong, Gary F.
Wilfong, Matthew R.
Wilkerson, Gertie O.
Willard, William F.
Williams, Lois Angela
Wilson, Rose A.
Wilson, William J.
Windsor, Jennie A.
Winters, E. M.
Womack, Frances
Wood, Son
Woolf, Ada B.
Work, Algernon S.
Wright, Ire Helena





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