Magaw, Emma
Magaw, Infant
Magaw, John L.
Mager, June
Marquis, J. G.
Marquis, Mary
Mathews, Clifford B.
Mathews, Della W.
Mathews, Don A.
Mathews, Elden J.
Mathews, Walter H.
Mathison, Beatrice
Mathison, Mary Ann
Mathison, Michael
Mathison, Ralph C.
Matia, Fred
Mayer, Betty Jane
Mayer, John Wm
Mayfield, Gene
Mayfield, Veva Thomason
Maynard, Nancy L.
McBride, Opal E.
McCall, Roger Williams
McCarten, Jennie Wright
McCarten, Merrill J.
McClarin, Albert Dale
McClarin, Henry Cecil
McClarin, Mattie E.
McClarin, Virginia Laverne
McCoy Margaret A.
McCoy, James C.
McCune, Mike
McDonald, John B.
McGillic, Ada E.
McGillic, Carlin F.
McGillic, Kenneth A.
McGillic, M. F.
McHugh, J. F.
McHugh, M. Anna
McLagan, Donald J.
McLaughlin, Isabell W.
McMillen, Alvin E.
McMillen, Billy
McMillen, Charles Daniel
McMillen, Daniel
McMillen, Ella A.
McMillen, Emma E.
McMillen, George A.
McMillen, Jackie Dean
McMillen, James D.
McMillen, James Dale
McMillen, Joe
McMillen, Nicholas E.
McPeak, Marion Paul
McPeak, Nettie L.
McPeak, William H.
McRae, Clarence 'Monty'
McRae, Lloyd W.
McRae, Vera
Meade, Eva I.
Meade, Merwyn Mahlon
Meade, Owen
Megenity, Arminious
Megenity, Edna May
Megenity, Etha A.
Megenity, Fred A.
Megenity, Glen Samuel
Megenity, Lewis Irel
Megenity, Mary E.
Megenity, Pearl J.
Megenity, Rosa May
Megenity, Samuel
Meiners, Dorothy M.
Meiners, Ethel B.
Meiners, Florence E. Zerba
Meiners, Henry J.
Mercier, Helen Harris
Mercier, James
Millage, Laura Jeanette
Millage, Mary A.
Millage, William
Miller, Alex
Miller, Betty Jean
Miller, Claude
Miller, Clinton E.
Miller, Dawn Louise
Miller, Dorothy M.
Miller, Dr. G. A.
Miller, Eva May
Miller, George 'Don'
Miller, Glen
Miller, Harold W. 'Pappy'
Miller, Ida A.
Miller, John F.
Miller, June I.
Miller, Marmaduke
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mildred I.
Miller, Samuel Douglas
Miller, Virginia Irish
Mitchell, Adeline
Moe, Clarence O.
Moe, Juanita Anne
Moore, Baby
Moore, Jessie L.
Morrall, Aaron
Morrall, Margaret
Morris, Benjamin
Moses, Zona Rose
Mote, Charles W.
Muir, John
Murphy, Clayton W.
Murphy, Huldah
Myklebust, Imogene E.
Myklebust, Tom A.
Myron, Georgia Still





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