Lalor, Barbara Lee
Langdon, Albert
Langdon, Annetta
Langdon, Eugene William
Lantz, {Dorothy}
Lantz, Charles H. M.
Lantz, Miriam D. Wayne
Lantz, Naomi Presnell
Largent, Rozella Edna
Largent, Rozella Kay
Largent, Wayne Arthur
Larson, Cecil E.
Lathrop, Alfred L.
Lathrop, Craig Steven
Lathrop, Gladys
Lauffer, Dennis
Laughlin, Charles V.
Laughlin, James Robert
Laughlin, Joseph Charles
Laughlin, Virginia E.
Law, Mabel Fern
Law, Park
Lawrence, Baby
Lawrence, Infant Girl
Lawrence, Laura
Lawrence, Thomas R.
Leach, Arthur
Leach, Dollie
Leach, Eli A.
Leach, Eugene T.
Leach, Floyd R.
Leach, Infant
Leach, Lucinda
Leach, Norene
Leach, Theophilus
Leachman, Darlene Rose
Leachman, Everett A.
Leachman, Lucy C.
LeBoeuf, Richard M.
LeBoeuf, Ronna L.
Lechner, Ethel I.
Lechner, Herwegh Joseph
Lenz, Carrie G.
Lenz, Elmer R.
Lenz, Maynard W.
Lewis, Oscar
Liedkie, Harold G.
Liedkie, Wilma E.
Lightfoot, George
Linabary, Donald H.
Lindgren, Hulda
Lindgren, William
Lockridge, Baby
Lockridge, Bruce L.
Lockridge, Clara E.
Lockridge, Deloris J.
Lockridge, Donald Leroy
Lockridge, Elmina J.
Lockridge, Emma N.
Lockridge, Etta W.
Lockridge, John W.
Lockridge, Kenneth E.
Lockridge, Leander J.
Lockridge, Mabel L.
Lockridge, Melven R.
Lockridge, Merrill M.
Lockridge, Orval M.
Lockridge, Robert A.
Lockridge, Roy W.
Lockridge, Vinnie Viola
Lockridge, William
Lockridge, William O.
Long, Asa E.
Long, Clark
Longeteig, Iver J.
Longeteig, Margaret Nell Waters
Longeteig, Nola
Lowery, William A.
Lowry, Anna P.
Lowry, David H.
Lowry, David William
Lowry, Heather Ryan
Lowry, Hugh Blanchard
Lowry, Laura M. Coon
Lowry, Letha M.
Lowry, William David
Lowry, William P.
Lowry, William W.
Lunders, Cora
Lunders, Dell
Lunders, Ellna
Lunders, Florence C.
Lunders, Howard E.
Lunders, J. Sylvester
Lunders, John S.
Lunders, Joseph H.
Lunders, Margaretha





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