Kafoury, David
Kafoury, Harry K.
Kafoury, Infant Children
Kammers, Jack A.
Kammers, Margaret L. Wayne
Kauffman, Betty A.
Kauffman, Billy H.
Kauffman, Clarence B.
Kauffman, Connie E.
Kauffman, Gordon
Kehrwieder, Erwin Edward
Kehrwieder, Vivian L. Currier
Kelley, Scott
Kelly, Charles
Kelso, Cora
Kelso, Ed
Kerr, William James
Ketchum, Alice
Kiesser, Ida E.
Kincaid, Millie
Kincaid, W. M.
King, Forrest E.
King, Ida Ruth Treadwell
Kingery, David H.
Kingery, Mary Isabel
Kirby, Doris A.
Kirby, Kenneth B.
Kirkham, Mabel R.
Kittrell, Baby
Kittrell, Baby
Kittrell, Pleasant W.
Kittrell, Sarah T.
Kittrell, Virgie M.
Kittrell, Virgil V.
Kizzier, Frank I.
Kizzier, Goldie Clelland
Kness, Emil C.
Kness, Nettie M.
Knight, Robert R.
Knight, Virgil H.
Knutson, Muriel Reid
Koeppen, William H.
Kopxia, Anthony
Kriebel, Daniel Alvin
Krueger, Harold D.





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