Hackwith, Hazel Lenore
Hall, Arthur J.
Hall, Blanche
Hall, Daisy D.
Hall, Emma M.
Hall, Frank N.
Hall, Harold H.
Hall, Monroe C.
Hall, Richard F.
Hamilton, Nancy A.
Hanchett, Maurice R.
Hansen, Howard Archer
Hansen, Pearl M.
Hansen, Torger K.
Hanson, Alfred
Hanson, Dora E.
Hanson, M. E. 'Mike'
Hanson, Mary
Hanson, Ole
Harper, John H.
Harper, Joseph Orin
Harris, Arthur A.
Harris, Donald R.
Harris, Elizabeth B.
Harris, Everett
Harris, Francis
Harris, George W.
Harris, Gladys M.
Harris, Joseph B.
Harris, Lauren O.
Harris, Nettie
Harris, Wilbur C.
Harrison, Baby
Harrison, John David
Hart, Amanda C.
Hart, Arthur R. Jr.
Hart, Arthur Sr.
Hart, Baby Boy
Hart, Baby Girl
Hart, Ethel M. Bonnell
Hart, Jettie F.
Hart, John F.
Hart, Merwyn M.
Hart, Owen W.
Hart, Wauneta Meade
Hart, William H.
Hartman, Elsie I.
Hartman, Emma K.
Hartman, Ernest P.
Hartman, John F. T.
Hartman, Leroy T.
Hartman, Theodore
Hartwig, Bertha M.
Hartwig, Charlie C.
Hartwig, Donna
Hartwig, E. H. "Bud"
Hartwig, Flossie
Hartwig, Frank E.
Hartwig, Fred
Hartwig, Herman F.
Hartwig, Olive E.
Harvey, Bert
Harvey, Penelope
Hasenoehrl, Glenn
Hathorn, Woodrow W.
Hauck, Barbara
Hawk, Alpha A.
Hawk, Norval B.
Hawks, Clyde R.
Hawks, Goldie I.
Hayes, Lloyd L.
Heath, Betty A.
Heath, Thomas F.
Hensley, Harry H.
Hensley, Mabel M.
Hensley, Robert
Hill, Doris F.
Hill, Eligha
Hill, Jewel May
Hill, Larry Samuel
Hill, Minnie B.
Hill, Raymond C.
Hill, Son of Floyd & Mayzie
Hill, Sophia A.
Hobart, C. Ardon
Hobart, Elizabeth C.
Hobart, James L.
Hobart, Naomi
Hoffman, Arthur
Holee, Karoline
Holliday, Dr. William P.
Holliday, George T.
Holliday, Mildred
Hollingsworth, Dorothy C.
Holmes, Doris L.
Holmes, Norma F.
Holmes, Rex
Holmes, Rose E.
Holmes, Ulysses G.
Horsman, George
Horsman, Katherine
Hosley, Etta
Hoss, Jacob R.
Hoss, Mary A.
Houston, Lois M.
Houston, Robert L.
Howerton, Baby Pearl
Howerton, Iva Ruth
Howerton, J. Walter
Howerton, Johnie
Howerton, M. Ella
Howerton, Olevias Alpha
Hoye, James E.
Hoye, Michele M.
Huber, Virigina Ruth
Huber, Werner S.
Hudson, Chester J.
Hudson, Penny G.
Huggins, Elsie Lee
Huggins, Harley
Humphrey, Geneva C.
Humphrey, Harvey S.
Humphrey, Ida E.
Humphrey, James Edgar
Humphrey, Leslie D.
Humphrey, Mable Ruth
Hunter, Arthur A.
Huntley, Millicent 'Millie'
Huntley, 'Pat' Martin
Hutchens, Perry B.
Hutley, Sidney





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