Baar, Bette Irene
Backlund, Ben J.
Backlund, Joseph Merton
Bailey, Joseph M.
Bailey, Kunie T.
Bailey, Thomas M.
Baker, Christine T.
Baldwin, Daisy D.
Baldwin, Frank D.
Banks, A. B.
Banks, Andrew J.
Banks, George W.
Banks, James W.
Banks, Mary L.
Banks, Mattie G.
Banks, Millie N.
Banks, Susan
Banks, Warren A.
Bare, Clarence
Bare, William
Barnard, William Elias
Barnett, Mary Ilo
Bartlett, Charles I.
Bartlett, Ella E.
Bartlett, Gladys L.
Bash, Thomas Benton
Bassett, Albert
Bean, Bonnie Louise
Bean, Esly W.
Bean, Sharon Lynn
Beeman, Cecil Franklin
Beeman, Dora
Beeman, Forest R.
Bell, Leietta
Benjamin, Amy F.
Benjamin, Earnest F.
Benjamin, Frank
Bennett, Aleatha M. "Dee Dee"
Bennett, Daniel R.
Berdick, Katherine Lois
Berg, John
Berg, Joseph
Berg, Stephen
Berry, Arnold G.
Berry, Caleb W.
Berry, Nina A.
Bevard, Stacy Edward
Bigger, Genevieve
Bigger, Ralph E.
Birchard, George Richard
Birchard, Gertrude
Birkeland, Clarence E.
Birkeland, Elmo
Birkeland, George H.
Birkeland, Helen
Birkeland, Ole G.
Black, Henry F.
Black, Melvina A.
Black, Robert Jack
Blackwell, Alice Virginia
Blakeman, Altavene
Blakeman, Charles E.
Blakeman, Dorothy M.
Blakeman, Eber
Blakeman, George E(dward)
Blakeman, George E(lwin)
Blakeman, Sarah M.
Blakeman, Victor Leonard
Blayden, Clarence D. 'Bud'
Boggs, Allison H.
Boggs, Harold
Boggs, James E.
Boggs, Susan
Bohnhof, Hans C.
Bohnhof, Marie M.
Bohnhof, Myrtle M.
Borgeson, Arvid L. 'Roy'
Borgeson, Barbara M. Patton
Borgeson, Dan E.
Borgeson, Flossie M.
Borgeson, Frank Albert
Borgeson, John A.
Borgeson, Vivian M.
Boughton, Bud Bond
Boughton, Eugene C.
Boughton, Jessie R.
Bovey, Carlton A.
Bovey, Cleo O.
Bovey, Dwaine E.
Bovey, Franklyn W.
Bovey, Irene M.
Bovey, Leo E.
Bovey, Marvin Leo
Bovey, Maurice
Bovey, Ota M.
Bovey, Pauline A.
Bovey, William A.
Bowles, Alice
Bowles, Carl E.
Bowles, Effie Ruth
Bowles, Frances Leroy
Bowles, Gladys M.
Bowles, Harold A.
Bowles, Jane A.
Bowles, Nellie S.
Bowles, Ralph Lester
Bowles, Robert L.
Bowles, Robert Lee
Bowles, Rowe Sawin
Bowles, Warren B.
Bowles, William W.
Bowman, Hazel M.
Bowman, J. Frank
Bowman, Sarah I.
Boyd, Hattie Maud
Boyd, Ivy Anna
Boyd, Sidney David
Boyles, Alexander 'Dick'
Bradley, Edwin A.
Bradley, Gertrude
Bramlet, Angelina M.
Bramlet, Ella J.
Bramlet, Henry L.
Bramlet, John W.
Bramlet, John W.
Braucher, Baby
Braucher, Clifford C.
Braucher, Dale J.
Braucher, Ethel Leora
Braucher, John W.
Braucher, Marie G.
Braucher, Mary L.
Braucher, Warren E.
Brinkman, Mildred Atha
Broker, Angela M.
Broker, Caroline
Broker, Daland M.
Broker, Fred G.
Broker, Genevieve M.
Broker, Harry A.
Broker, Harry P.
Broker, Laura L.
Broker, Robert N.
Broker, Simon
Bronson, Edward M.
Bronson, Nellie S.
Brooks, May
Brown, Howard Eugene
Brown, Nellie F.
Brown, Robert
Browning, Alexander W.
Browning, Eliza Jane
Bunce, Rebecca A.
Bunce, Sterling N.
Burgess, Ruth E.
Burke, Clifford C.
Burke, Lottie F.
Burke, Verne Austin
Burns, Clyde E.
Burns, Dorothy M
Burns, John Robert
Burns, Robert L.
Burtch, Howard Jay
Burtch, Toddie L.
Butler, Clinton S.
Butterfield, Katherine L. Jones
Buttrey, Anna L.
Buttrey, Clara Maud
Buttrey, James
Buttrey, James O.
Buttrey, Joyce L.
Buttrey, Orval W.
Buttrey, Rebecca Susan
Buttrey, Virindia
Buttrey, William
Byers, Wilbur



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